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Speaking Skills

If you really want to improve your speaking you should practise.

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Resultado de imagen para paisaje de montaña       Resultado de imagen para paisaje desertico
Resultado de imagen para forest

USEFUL VOCABULARY: Dry, wet, cold, hot, high, long, river, mountains, desert, trees, water, snow, sand, cloudy, sunny.

I'm going to talk about........
In picture number ...I can see......... whereas in picture number....there is/there are......
The ........... is colder than the .......but drier than.......
In my opinion picture better for living things because.....


Hello Song!

Ten little finger

The weather song

Number song

Alphabet song

 Days of the week song

Parts of the house


Little finger

Good morning!

The alphabet song.

 Number song.

Ten little monkeys

 Jobs song.


Unit 1"They are famous"

  •  Adjective of description

 Imagen relacionada

  •  Adjective of personality

Resultado de imagen para personality

  •  Describing people.
Resultado de imagen para describing people

  •  Present simple of To Be. AQUÍ
  •  Present simple of Have got. AQUÍ.
  • Capital letters and punctuation. AQUÍ.
  • Wh- questions. AQUÍ.

Unit 2 "The house"

  • Vocabulary: Parts of the house, forniture and houshold items. AQUÍ
  •  Preposiciones de lugar. AQUÍ.
  •  Articles AQUÍ and quantifiers. AQUÍ.
  •  Uso de and, but y because. AQUÍ.
  •  Describe your room (de 30 a 80 palabras). AQUÍ
  •  Uso de There is...There isn't...There are...There aren't... AQUÍ

Unit 3 "Teens today"

Unit 4 "Great holidays"
- Geographical features AQUÍ  
- Clothes AQUÍ.
- Describing photos. AQUÍ
- Present continuous  AQUÍ.
- Present simple VS Present continuous game. AQUÍ

Unit 5 "All about sport"

- Sport AQUÍ
- Ability Can/ Can't AQUÍ
- Must/Mustn't AQUÍ
- Advebs of manner. AQUÍ

Unit 6 "Amazing animals"

- Animals. AQUÍAQUÍ
- Animals' body parts. AQUÍ
-Animals' grouping. AQUÍ
- Adjectives for describing animals. AQUÍ
- Comparatives adjectives. AQUÍ
- Superlatives adjectives. AQUÍ
- Reading a magazine article. AQUÍ
- Write your own magazine article. AQUÍ

Grammar. AQUÍ  y  AQUÍ. 

Resultado de imagen para english grammar

Vocabulary. AQUÍ.

Writing. AQUÍ.

Listening and dictation. AQUÍ.

Resultado de imagen para english listening

Useful English and Short Dialogues.

Resultado de imagen para everyday english

Actividades que hacemos en mi colegio

"Doing is the perfect way of learning"
We teach the children how to grow plants, for that we have a school garden where they practise their abilities.



Thanksgiving Day

Día internacional de la infancia

 Día de la Paz.

 Día de Andalucía y Promoción de comida saludable.

3. Punto limpio, Violencia de género, Semana del aceite de oliva y Halloween.

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This is a perfect way of practicing pronountiation skills. Follow these steps:

1- Listen Lyrics and try to hum or read the song. You should do it every day. 
2- Sing the song with lyrics version.
3- If you already know lyric you can watch the video clip now while you are singing.
4- You can print the lyric and take out some words with tipex. The idea is to try and complete the missing words.

Thinking out loud

We don't talk anymore 

Cheap Thrills

Don't let me down

Avicii "Waiting for love"

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1- One of the most interesting activity in October is making Jack O'lanterns, children always enjoy it.

Resultado de imagen para ceip martin peinado          

2- You can also make a funny Jack O'lantern craft which can be used as a fancy dress. We love fancy dress parties so we always celebrate Halloween in our school.

 Resultado de imagen para ceip martin peinado